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Login Diagram

Login Diagram


  • Retrofit uses Okhttp through which we can add interceptors to our retrofit client.
  • Retrofit triggers the Interceptor instance whenever a request is made.
  • With the interceptor we can add the token in every request.
class AuthorizationInterceptor : Interceptor {

    override fun intercept(chain: Interceptor.Chain): Response {
        val requestBuilder = chain.request().newBuilder()

        // If token has been saved, add it to the request
        sessionManager?.fetchAuthToken()?.let {
            requestBuilder.addHeader("Authorization", it)

        return chain.proceed(


  • The session manager will help us to save, fetch, or delete the token in the SharedPreferences


  • We create a builder of the retrofit object which can be reused for all method calls declared in the RestApi interface
object ServiceBuilder {
    private val client =

    private val retrofit = Retrofit.Builder()
        .baseUrl(BuildConfig.BASE_URL) // change this IP for testing by your actual machine IP

    fun <T> buildService(service: Class<T>): T {
        return retrofit.create(service)

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